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Thirty years of commendable social service
By Mohammad Abdul Qudoos (LITERARY UPDATE)

29 September 2006

THE holy month of Ramadan has arrived. And everybody’s attention is focused on observing it with due solemnity with fasting, prayers and religious discourses.

Literary activities are in a low key.

A farewell function was organised in Abu Dhabi  for Iqbal Mehdi, Urdu poet, engineer and former general secretary of Pakistan Centre, who is going back to Pakistan after working here for nearly 30  years. 

Poets, writers, businessmen, and professionals paid tribute  to him for his distinguished services to the community.

During his stay in Abu Dhabi, Iqbal devoted himself to social work and always remained active in community affairs.

The function was organised by Saghier Jafri and Sabiha Saba, founders and editors of Urdu Manzil web site. A poetry evening was also held on the occasion.

Talking  of Urdu Manzil, the first Urdu web site in the UAE, Jafri said it had completed the fourth year of its launch in August

The web site  <http://www.urdumanzil.com/>http://www.urdumanzil.com has a collection of some finest Urdu poetry by leading poets in addition to famous short stories.

The web site also offers a directory containing telephone numbers, addresses, and email of prominent Urdu poets and writers living in different parts of the world.

It also features Adab Nama (reports of literary functions with photographs) and a forum for literary discussions.

There is a plan to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Urdu Manzil which is serving the Urdu language and literature on an International level.

Jafri and Saba are keen to make Urdu popular among the youngsters as well as people of all the age groups in every corner of the world.


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