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Delegates from 22 Countries Attend Friends of Pakistan Working Dinner by Amabassador Javed Malik
The Group will also work towards cultivating diplomatic support for Pakistan and
build closer ties between people: Javed Malik
(ABU DHABI)   Pakistan's Ambassador at Large, Javed Malik hosted a high profile a working dinner for the Friends of Democratic Pakistan Group in Abu Dhabi, which was attended by international delegates from 22 countries including United States, United Kingdom, China, Japan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, France Germany, Australia, China, Japan, Norway, Canada to name a few, in addition to  international organizations like United Nations, European Union, World Bank, European Commission as well as top UAE based Ambassadors.  Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador Javed Malik, welcomed the new member states that have recently joined the Friends of Democratic Pakistan group taking the number to 22.  ''We are grateful for the support of the international community for democracy in Pakistan. The People of Pakistan, our civil society, media, and political parties have have worked very hard to bring democracy to Pakistan, and we are working even harder to make it work. Today the country is being governed democratically led by a civilian and constitutionally elected Prime Minister and President. Our media is vibrant, and our judiciary is independent. Democratic forces are focused on tolerance and reconciliation, and these are very positive signs for Pakistan. Yes, Pakistan also has some challenges, but democracy is the art of converting challenges into opportunities and we are confident and that with the support of our Friends we will move forward in building strong, democratic and progressive Pakistan. We expect the world community to stand by us, just like we have always stood by the world community in dealing with our challenges", he said.
The working dinner was also attended by top officials from the civil establishment of the government of Pakistan led by Secretary General to President of Pakistan, Salman Farooqi, Secretary Interior, Kamal Shah Secretary Planning, Farrukh Saeed, Secretary Finance Salman Siddique,  Secretary Economic Affairs, as well as many other top officials from the top tier of Pakistan government. Also present on the occasion were officials of Pakistan Embassy in Abu Dhabi and leading UAE based business men and representatives of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Earlier the Friends of Democratic Pakistan conference was opened by UAE Minister of State for Foriegn Affairs, Dr Anwar Al Gargash as well as Undersecretary of UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr Tariq Al Haydan.
Ambassador Javed Malik said that closer business, cultural and economic ties will also be established between Pakistan and Members of the Friends of Democratic Pakistan group and special initiatives are being planned in this regard with the support and cooperation of the member states and government of Pakistan under the guidelines of the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan.
Photograph Caption :      Pakistan's Ambassador at Large, Javed Malik and delegates from 22 member states of Friends of Democratic Pakistan Group.

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